"i just love using the little world products on my little one's skin. it smells just amazing and it feels fantastic both on my hands and on their skin. my little mr 5 gets irritated dry red skin around his lips when it's dry windy weather. it can take up to 4 days to clear up with all the other products i've used. but it cleared up overnight when i used the little world product. we were amazed. - M.H
"i was given the body wash, barrier cream and the absolute amazing soothing ointment to treat my 4 month olds cradle cap and eczema. after a few weeks my daughters cradle cap has basically gone and her dry patches are no longer red or inflamed. plus the overall condition of her skin has improved and the products smell delicious. massive fan" - K.A
"great product, i get so many comments about how nice my baby smells when i use it on him. exceptional customer service also." - K.Y
"i kindly got given the organic soothing ointment with calendula as my 22month old has eczema/dry skin around his mouth. i just wanted to say thank you as it’s become our go-to ointment. we love it (and it smells amazing). it doesn’t stain his sheets or clothes like others, it’s never cold like a cream so it’s easy to apply and it’s ok when he licks his lips. so thanks again, we use it daily and really really love it." - emma

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