the importance of washing your hands

the importance of washing your hands

April 01, 2020

in times like these, we need to be reminded of proper hygiene in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. soap has been recognised as the best defense against viruses such as covid19, as washing your hands thoroughly with good soap and water is the simplest and most effective protection. 

health professionals state that your first choice should always be soap over hand sanitiser if you can because when you wash your hands, you’re not only removing the virus particles you’re also annihilating the viruses and rendering them harmless. 

“you pull the virus apart, you make it soluble, and it disintegrates” - palli thordarson, a chemistry professor from new south wales. however, this process does not happen instantly, so you need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to properly disinfect. children tend to touch their face often, and as germs can be known to lurk on hands for up to 4 hours, this is a very bad habit. 

although it can be hard to get your little ones into hygiene practices, it is so important now more than ever to make hand washing and drying a part of everyday life. to make sure they are disinfecting for long enough - singing the happy birthday song is fun and ensures all nasties are being dissolved in time. kids are also visual and kinetic learners, so if mum and dad model good handwashing behaviour, little ones will often follow suit. creating rituals and routines around proper hygiene can make life a lot easier, and help keep your family safe. 

our organic goat's milk soap is the perfect product to fight germs and viruses on your little ones, as it is soft and gentle to the skin. the organic oats and manuka honey work alongside the goat’s milk, to clean and naturally soothe big and little hands. antibacterial and dermatologically tested, you can count on little world ingredients to protect your family. 

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