how to avoid nappy rash

how to avoid nappy rash

February 22, 2021

one of the most common conditions for a little one to have is nappy rash. usually red and raw, your baby’s skin around the nappy area will be irritated, sore or itchy. this can obviously be unsettling as a parent, especially if you don’t know how to ease the pain! nappy rash is caused by moisture and is made worse by friction but it’s commonly fairly mild and shouldn’t bother your bubba. when it’s more severe, it needs to be treated with regular nappy changes, patting the skin dry, and not using harsh wipes as well as using a barrier cream after every change to help ease the irritation and avoid infection.

it’s also important to try and use organic and natural nappies and wipes – free from harsh chemicals and soap that can make a condition worse. if your household uses cloth nappies, try to avoid harsh detergents in your laundry, and air dry them in the sun after a wash! sunshine and fresh air are awesome germ squashers.

prevention is best! but, if your little world is struggling with nappy rash, try our organic barrier cream with chamomile as a soother. super gentle, and perfect for your baby’s bottom, our incredible protective barrier cream soothes redness and irritation. it’s loaded with natural oils and butters such as sunflower oil, olive oil, and shea butter, to protect sensitive skin. also containing chamomile, calendula and aloe vera, these plants help to calm irritation and inflammation. chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory and calming properties in tea, and when topically applied in skincare, it can assist in flare-ups of redness and rash without unnecessary drying. when it comes to nappy rash, a baby’s sensitive complexion needs this kind of soothing.

little world is completely organic certified and dermatologically tested, so we can reassure you that your baby’s precious bits are protected. no nasties means no worries.

how to aid nappy rash:
- prevention is key! change your baby’s nappy frequently (up to 12 times a day for the youngest babies).
- keep skin clean and dry before replacing the nappy.
- avoid harsh materials during changing.
- have nappy free time to air it out!
- avoid baby and talcum powder.
- apply little world’s organic barrier cream with chamomile to further protect your little one’s skin.

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