splish, splash - 6 top baby bathing tips

splish, splash - 6 top baby bathing tips

August 01, 2019

bath time is a relaxing, soothing time for your young one as water can remind them of their time in the womb and you can both relish in the bonding experience. morning or night-time, it doesn't matter, just ensure it's a time when you can be fully devoted to your little one.

it may seem a little daunting bathing your little one, which is why we have put together a list of our 6 top baby bathing tips.

  1. you don’t have to bath your baby every day – but if they like bathing, go ahead! temperature is also super important, the ideal water temperature is 37 degrees c. check the water temperature with the inside of your wrist and swirl the water with your hand to make sure there are no hot spots.
  1. bubble baths can often dry out your little one's skin, however, adding a small pump of our gentle shampoo bodywash creates bubbles, while is also nourishing and gentle on their skin.
  1. use a soft washcloth like our little world flannel to clean them, wiping off any debris and dry flaky skin, make sure you clean the nappy area last.
  1. always ensure to keep one hand on your baby, as they could slip into the water. never leave your baby alone in the bath, if you must leave the room (even for a split second) take them with you.
  1. always bath your baby in a warm, draft-free room and have a soft towel nearby to wrap them up in once bath time is over.
  1. babies skin can get dry easily so ensure you are moisturising their bodies after bath time. our organic bodysoft lotion and organic face cream is delicate on skin and super hydrating.

once bath time is over, your squeaky-clean baby is ready for our organic barrier cream, a fresh diaper and some snuggly warm clothes! you’ll find it impossible to refrain from soaking in the delicious scent of your little angel.

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