rockstock, an enviro future!

rockstock, an enviro future!

January 26, 2021

little world’s labels are printed on rockstock – one of the world’s most environmentally friendly papers. manufactured from waste, stone and building industry offcuts, so no trees are harmed in production. as a sustainable, natural, and organic small business, we love incorporating other brands that share our future goals. the reason we use rockstock for our printing of labels is because of these sustainable and environmentally friendly qualities this kind of material achieves. due to the mineral rich stone, rockstock will help improve our air, land, and water quality, as well as reducing energy consumption.

rockstock is high quality, unique, and full of outstanding environmental values; a manifesto we also strive for within little world. supporting new zealand businesses like ours is supporting our planet’s future!

“the world health organisation says the earth’s atmosphere should not exceed 350ppm. we are now above 400ppm and rising.” helping small businesses, like the production of rockstock, will help to slow the CO2 increase in our atmosphere! as parents and human beings, the future of the planet where our family will thrive, is in our hands. our little ones are relying on us to make a difference!

learning, supporting, and teaching environmental awareness is so important, and becoming a rising factor in our everyday lifestyles more and more. we have a natural responsibility as a society to protect and respect our surroundings while educating our little worlds that our physical environment is indispensable and needs fixing. making attentive choices to include and support the production of enviro-conscious companies like rockstock, will benefit us all in the future!

environmental reasons why we use rockstock:
• it has a low C02 emission profile
• the manufacturing uses relatively little energy
• the manufacturing utilises solar power
• the manufacturing does not pollute waterways and rivers with toxic effluent
• low carbon emission
• 7480 gallons of fresh water saved
• no timber consumption
• no toxic smoke
• no water consumption
• no chemical bleaching

physical branding reasons why we use rockstock:
• strong and tear resistant
• won’t crack or white line on folds
• waterproof
• written on while wet
• recyclable
• photodegradable
• moth and insect proof
• great sunlight exposure

we feel so confident and content using rockstock as one of the suppliers for little world, and you should too. our formulas are natural and organic with no nasties, and so is our packaging. next time you finish a bottle or pot of your favourite little world product, make sure to notice our rockstock label, and recycle it! do your bit to help our planet.

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