protect your little ones this winter

protect your little ones this winter

July 01, 2020

during these colder months, our family’s complexions can react in unusual ways. sensitive skin and dry red cheeks can often be a by-product of the harsh weather conditions, along with pollution and air conditioning. dealing with rapidly changing temperatures as we move from outdoors to indoors, this season is tough on our bodies and without proper remedies and protection, these skin conditions can get worse.

little world kawakawa face cream is loaded with natural ingredients to protect and nourish the skin, counteracting these wintery conditions. this cream helps to maintain a smooth complexion while remaining safe and cooling on the most sensitive of skins. with no nasties in the formula, this product is great for gentle soothing on your little one.

what makes this face cream so great is the natural new zealand ingredient of kawakawa leaf. this plant has analgesic properties, which means it has subtle painkilling properties that reduce inflammation. this is a natural way of healing damaged skin, aiding in conditions like eczema, itching skin or psoriasis.

other ingredients in this gentle and rich face cream are lavender, sunflower and avocado oils, that enrich the skin while soothing and healing. combined with manuka honey, oatmeal and shea and cocoa butter, this product is packed with goodness and can be used on the face and body of your family and little ones. little world takes pride in our natural range, completely demagogically tested and certified organic. even our packaging is sustainable with recyclable glassware and labels made from stones!


“my son suffers from eczema on the back of his legs which flares up particularly badly at the beach, we started using the little world body wash, barrier cream and kawakawa cream after a particularly bad flare up and the eczema cleared up within days! the ‘after’ photo was actually taken after a full day at the beach when it would normally be at its worst. thank you so much little world, we can now have pain free beach adventures!” – sarah may jefferson.

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