massaging your baby with little world

massaging your baby with little world

March 31, 2021

massaging your little one is a great way to form a bond, connecting on a deeper level with them daily. soothing them to sleep, helping with gassy bellies and built-up tension, or simply moisturising their skin - the power is in your gentle touch. just like us, babies crave a relaxing massage to help ease the day away, as touch is one of the most developed of the five senses at birth. researchers find that massaging your little one promotes better sleeping, intellectual development and can even enhance their immune system. babies need this skin to skin contact experiences in order to feel welcomed and loved. build a massage into your baby’s routine for the multitude of benefits it provides.

we had midwife carmen give us her tips and tricks on massaging your baby, and why it is important. she loves using the little world organic bodysoft lotion with jojoba to help stimulate connection between her and her bubba. massaging your baby can release oxytocin, the love hormone, and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. make sure to chat along the way! while your baby is being massaged, hearing your voice is a great way to solidify that connection that’s going on. it is the best calming tool and can help anyone bond with a child – mum, dad and even nana and grandad! a massage can last anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes, just make sure you’re responding to your little one’s signals about when to stop. the best time to get a massage in can be when they are quiet and calm, or when you have changed their nappy and they are ready for a lie down.

start by pumping some of the lotion into the palm of your hand and rub it around to warm it up so it doesn’t come as a cold shock to your little one. start on their torso and massage in a circular, rhythmic motion, using a gentle stroke with firm but light pressure, up and down their body. massage their abdomen with your fingertips in circular, clockwise motions. next, move onto their precious little details, like their hands and feet. hold their knees and feet together and gently stretch them up towards her abdomen, rotating their hips softly. while massaging their hands and fingers, gently cross them over their chest and open them up as a nice chest stretch. pay attention to these delicate spots, and make sure the lotion is properly moisturised into the folds of the skin.

for the head and face, cradle your baby’s head in your hands and massage their scalp lightly with your fingertips. massage their ears between your thumb and fingers, and lightly stroke their eyelids, nose, and eyebrows so every spot has been caressed. be patient and soothing, your baby will love you for it.

once their whole body is massaged and moisturised, pop their pyjamas on and get them ready for bed. this activity is a great way to make them sleepy and relaxed, just in time for a snooze.

thanks so much to carmen lett for giving us this great tutorial. use our organic bodysoft lotion with jojoba and follow along the step by steps with this video on how to massage your little one.

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