have a soothing winter with little world

have a soothing winter with little world

June 09, 2021

colder mornings and dark, moody evenings. rainy days and warm fireplaces. winter brings indoor bonding time with family, cosy weekends and wholesome, heart-warming meals. but the comforting, albeit temperamental, weather can also bring irritated dry skin, chapped lips, and red cheeks. when the seasons are changing and your concerns about your baby’s skin are arising, feel supported by little world’s soothing, natural skincare range.

the changes between crisp, harsh outdoor air and the warm, relaxing indoor air can mess with the balance of everyone’s skin - especially delicate, young complexions. sensitive baby skin is affected by the lack of moisture in the air when it’s winter, causing dryness and irritation. keeping skin hydrated before heading out and about is a great way to protect little ones before being exposed to the elements.

little world is full of natural and organic, calming ingredients to support skin and heal any irritation or problem areas. absorbing easily into the skin with a sweet, hypoallergenic fragrance, our skincare is dermatologically tested and organic – a go-to for soft skin bubs! included below are some of our favourite products for daily soothing.

organic soothing ointment with calendula

this soothing ointment is a must when the weather gets colder, with its healing qualities helping to soothe chapped lips that the windy days can give your little one. this balm is also useful for any small irritations such as cradle cap, teething rash from dribbling and just generally any dry skin condition. organic sunflower and jojoba oil help the skin to stay moisturised, while vitamin e and rosemary will help repair the skin naturally and gently. this is great to keep in your bag for any situation when you need a little protection on the go!

organic face cream with kawakawa

this rich, moisturising cream is perfect for creating a barrier between your little one’s delicate complexion, and the wintery outdoors. with no sticky feeling, and a sweet-smelling, gentle fragrance, rosy red cheeks can easily be healed by this face cream. sensitive skin and dry red cheeks can often be a reaction to the weather, pollution and air conditioning so the natural ingredients in this formula protect the skin and counteract harsh conditions. the smooth texture and subtle coolness it provides is ideal for young faces.

organic bodysoft lotion with jojoba

regularly moisturising your baby’s skin with natural lotion is a great way to maintain hydration during winter, so protect the purity and softness of your skin. organic certified and dermatologically tested to give you confidence that you and your baby's skin will be safe and cared for, our bodysoft lotion is loaded with healthy, soothing ingredients. sunflower oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and cocoa seed butter all help to keep skin well moisturised while organic calendula and aloe vera are effective in helping to soothe dry, damaged skin. an all-round, daily dose of hydration!

our mantra is to deliver a quality, natural and organic product that is both good for people and the planet. little world only package in glass, with labels and cartons made from renewable sources. we care about our planet just as we care about our customers, big and small. the rest of our range is also full of beautiful, natural ingredients to aid and protect your little ones skin throughout the day. check it out for yourself, and read our reviews to see how other parents love using little world!


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