earth day, every day

earth day, every day

April 22, 2021

april 22nd is international earth day, where countries all over the world demonstrate their support for environmental protection. over a billion people get together annually to create significant awareness for our struggling planet, marking it as a day of action to improve human behaviour. from the big guys to the little guys, everyone can make a difference in their daily choices, and as an individual, you have the power right in your fingertips to unite for change!

here at little world, we’re incredibly passionate about our environment! the future is green, and without making conscious decisions in our daily lifestyles, our little ones won’t have all the opportunities that they deserve. although we should always be thinking about how we are affecting our planet, earth day is a great opportunity to remind ourselves and our loved ones about how fragile our home truly is, and how important it is to protect it.

we make deliberate decisions here at little world revolving around the sustainable creation of our products. our whole range is made and curated locally here in new zealand, supporting small companies and involving our community! by producing close to home, our carbon footprint is low, and our environmental impact is significantly reduced. we also go easy on the planet by using only glass bottles instead of plastic, ensuring the ability to recycle and reuse! we love washing out our empty jars and filling them with cotton wipes for in the bathroom, or for our lose herbs and spices in the kitchen! they also look cute on the windowsill with little succulents in them. our easy to wash off labels are made from rockstock – a high quality, mineral rich coated paper that naturally breaks down and is photo-degradable. helping to improve air, land and water quality, rockstock is a friend of little world as we’re both striving to environmental and sustainable goals.

little world is also certified biogro organic, which means that our processes are completely natural, ethical and sustainable. at the forefront of the organic movement, biogro aims to simplify organic certification through innovation. they have a team that’s committed to sustainability much like our team here at little world, and their dedication to good products allows small businesses like us to display the country’s most trusted and recognised organic logo. proving that our skincare is genuine through association with biogro, we can assure our loyal customers that no animal testing, genetic modification or synthetic pesticides were included in the making of little world products. 

so get your little ones involved in helping out our planet! today is a reminder about how important our surroundings are, so do your bit and make a change! the great outdoors is integral to our health and wellbeing, so let’s restore our earth! other than recycling, water conservation and saving energy, here are some other ways to celebrate earth day (and any day for that matter):

  • cleaning up your neighbourhood and local beaches. get your family out and about with buckets and gloves and pick up any plastic and lose litter you see while walking the dog.
  • plant a tree! get the community involved and see if your local council is okay with you planting some native trees in the public spaces around your area. it’s a great day of fun for the little ones, and teaches them about the benefits of agriculture.
  • do something with your food waste! almost one third of the planet’s food goes to waste every year, so get the kids involved in the kitchen and whip up some banana bread with your old fruit, or use food scraps like avocado skins to naturally dye old clothes or sheets! 

keep your environment, and your conscience, clean this earth day and teach your little ones about the importance of a healthy planet! we love being able to be safe and happy as inhabitants of our earth, so let’s make sure the future generations are equally blessed.


how are you celebrating earth day?

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