care for your whanāu's skin this summer

care for your whanāu's skin this summer

November 05, 2020

approximately 75% of skin complaints start before the age of six months, 90% before the age of five years. in babies, these often start with itchy, weepy facial lesions, and can spread to patches anywhere on the body. in children, the most common areas of involvement are the elbow and knee flexures, but also the wrists and ankles. for some infants, these skin irritations are a mere annoyance, but for others, it is extremely distressing and can become quite severe. 

to maintain healthy, soft, supple skin in our precious little one’s we need to remember that the skin is not a raincoat, it is an organ. it absorbs and excretes. it “breathes” in its own way, and so what we put on the skin is just as important as what we let come out of the skin. babies absorb much more through their skin that adults do, due to the softness (their skin is thinner), and the fact that their skin, relative to their body size, is much larger, i.e. the surface area is greater.
the skin itself is also an essential aspect of a baby’s immune system; it keeps stuff out, it is a baby’s first line of defence, and the acid mantle of the skin is essential to this defence. the acid mantle is destroyed by many harsher skin products, and must be replenished, leaving your baby vulnerable in the interim. such products include most soaps, surfactants, and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, chemical preservatives and colourings. 

choose products for your baby’s skin wisely!

• use natural PLANT oils and never mineral or petrochemical oils. 
• natural is best. stick to only natural ingredients that are derived from natural sources.
• stick to organic ingredients where possible to moisturise, nourish and protect your baby’s skin.
• be sure the product has been dermatologically tested.
• be sure there are absolutely no nasties, chemicals or artificial ingredients.
• only use a product that has natural non synthetic fragrance and that is hypoallergenic.
• avoid plastic packaging where possible. 

we are new zealand made and only include the best of local certified organic herbal flora. our products are 100% natural, dermatologically tested, eco-friendly, safe and contain no nasties. sustainability is a huge part of little world’s ethos; our company mission was to create a skincare range that is gentle on the skin and just as gentle on the planet!

“i have been in the natural health industry for 25 years and have never come across a baby skin range as highly ethical as little world. i recommend this range to my clients. you can feel safe that your baby’s skin is in good hands with little world and with this range your baby’s skin will be protected, heal and regenerated.” - natasha berman NDMHD, naturopath/medical herbalist.

our skincare range includes cleansing products and face and body creams blended with active ingredients comprised of softening calendula, restorative manuka honey, medicinal kawakawa leaf and protective jojoba oil. we also have beautiful gift sets available, the perfect christmas present for new parents!

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