bathing your baby with little world

bathing your baby with little world

May 26, 2021

bath time can be a great way to bond with your little one, helping to keep them clean and settled. through bubbles and giggles, this activity is a great way to have some special moments with your baby, especially after a particularly stimulating day. although it is only necessary to bathe your newborn two or three times a week, if they love this time with you then every day is also fine (increasing frequency with age). it seems like there’s nothing better than wrapping up your sweet-smelling bubs all cosy and clean, ready for bedtime.

to begin the bathing experience, ensure you have a slightly sleepy newborn with a full tummy, ready for some soothing. start by having your warm bath, clean towel, clean nappy and clean clothes near you. as well as any cream for irritations that may be occurring with your little one’s complexion – we recommend using our organic barrier cream with chamomile for nappy rash or itches. also, don’t forget to turn your phone off so you’re not distracted! your plastic bath or kitchen sink bath should be deep, at a stable height, and around thirty-seven degrees. a great way to test the temperature is okay for baby, is to submerge your elbow or wrist – it should be comfortably warm and not hot. make sure to not add any extra water while they’re in there, or let a hot tap touch your little one!

being sure to support baby’s head and neck, lower them feet first into the bath – it will be slippery when they’re wet so make sure you have a good grip. our midwife friend carmen recommends using your forearm as head support while supporting under their arms with your other hand. due to the new experience, some babies will find this act of being submerged in water quite overwhelming and may get stressed. their startle reflex may increase, so pop a wet, warm flannel over their arms and chest to give them some slight pressure which helps them relax.

with such young and delicate skin, soap and cleansers aren’t crucial for bathing your baby when they’re newborn. however, it is okay to use natural shampoo and body washes towards the end of the bath, to avoid drying out their complexion when they aren’t super grubby! our gentle shampoo bodywash with aloe vera is the ultimate soothing accompaniment to bath time. squirt a few pumps of it into the palm of your hand and rub it on your baby, being extra careful to avoid their eyes. in your free hand, use a cloth to wipe them down in the water, paying attention to all their creases as this is where they can get dirty. it’s important to make some effort with comfort, as well as cleanliness. the bath doesn’t have to last longer than five to ten minutes; each baby is different!

tip: if your baby isn’t enjoying everyday baths, it’s completely okay to just give them a top and tail bath where their faces and genitals are wiped. use warm damp cotton wool on their face, and a warm flannel on their bottom and hands. if done on alternating days to proper baths, this still ensures cleanliness and avoids the tears.

after the bath has finished, pop your bubba directly onto a towel to dry them off. be gentle with your actions, and make sure they are completely free from any water or dampness. give them a calming massage with our organic bodysoft lotion with jojoba to ensure extra comfort and soothed skin. if your little one has any irritation, now would also be the time to apply our organic barrier cream with chamomile, especially on nappy rash.

snuggle them up in their clean, warm pyjamas and tuck them into bed. this activity, paired with massaging, is a great way to get them relaxed and ready to snooze. thanks so much to carmen lett from hatched antenatal for giving us this great tutorial. use little world’s all natural and dermatologically tested gentle shampoo bodywash with aloe vera and follow along the step by steps with this video on how to bathe your little one.

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