a sleepy baby bedtime routine

a sleepy baby bedtime routine

November 01, 2019

getting your little one to rest peacefully isn't always easy. the truth is, a good nights sleep starts with an even better bedtime routine before you pup them into their cot. a bedtime routine for your baby can help them (and you) relax!

1 hour before sleep: 

baths not only help to relax your little one, but they also give you time to bond one on one. a warm soothing bath will help to relax your baby and help them prepare for bed. we love using our gentle shampoo bodywash with aloe vera as it helps to get your little one squeaky clean while the aloe vera and manuka honey will help to soothe any irritation.

45 minutes before sleep:

after wrapping your baby up in a snuggly warm towel after their bath, it's time for a relaxing massage. ensure you are in a quiet room and have the lights dim. massaging your baby is a great way to help them relax, feel loved and soothed. it also helps to strengthen their muscles and helps them figure out how their muscles move and fit together. we recommend using our organic body soft lotion with jojoba all over the body, and on any irritated areas gently use our organic soothing ointment with calendula.

15 minutes before sleep:

now it's time to feed your little one and continue with any other calming activities of your choice. if they need burping now is a great time to do that, to ensure a restful nights sleep.

10 minutes before sleep:

it's time to move to the nursery if you haven't already. rock them gently and give them a snuggle.


5 minutes before sleep:

hopefully, your baby is feeling sleepy, put them down in their crib before they fall asleep.



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