to suit the delicate skin of the young and not so young

dermatologically tested, eco friendly, certified organic, gentle and safe. created in new zealand.

our full range of products

choose just one or two products, the full range as the ultimate gift set or three products as the essential gift set. these beautiful sets come in stylish embossed boxes.

treat yourself, a new mum or someone you love.

love nature

research has shown the importance of natural products. we use the best of new zealand's herbal and flora in our products. organic. sustainable. safe.

we love glass

little world nz strive to do the right thing - from our packaging to our products - we go easy on our planet.

from early design stages little world nz made a conscious decision to use glass bottles instead of plastic. we went exploring around recycleglass in auckland and were so impressed by the way they recycle glass and use it to make new glass bottles that we were determined to source glass for our products. we'd love to think that you can re-use your little world bottles for other things after you've finished with them. recycleglass (O-I ANZ), here in auckland, is one of 80 O-I glass container manufacturing plants globally.
glass starts life as sand, goes through fire and becomes a natural, beautiful material that safeguards your food and drink - and is good for the environment. We will run a variety of stories from these fantastic glass recyclers and help spread the world ...

little world labels

all our labels at little world nz are made from rockstock - stone paper that rocks!!

rockstock is a high quality, mineral rich coated paper with outstanding environmental values. at rockstock they believe that by using this paper - made from stone - it will help improve air, land and water quality, reduce energy consumption and also help achieve our environmental and sustainable goals that are necessary for our survival.
rockstock has superior printing and is recyclable and photo-degradable, amongst many other things.

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